Bangkok authorities warn of more flooding along Chao Phraya throughout high tide

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration released extra warnings on flooding because the Chao Praya river has been overflowing during high tides, with water waist-deep in some neighbourhoods. Residents in Bangkok and Samut Prakan who live along the river are being suggested to watch the rising water stage.
The high tides will reach 1.31 metres above sea stage at 11:26am, and 1.20 metres above sea stage at 7:32pm, according to the Bangkok Metropolitan Association. During yesterday’s high tide, the Chao Phraya River overflowed its banks. Communities that don’t have levees or embankments in Bangkok, Samut Prakan and Nonthaburi have been experiencing extreme flooding.
As of 7am this morning, the floodgates in Sai Mai, Min Buri and Lat Krabang have held out the water for 24 hours. The flooding has been affecting the world since yesterday, and is expected to continue all through the week. No demise or accidents have been reported, nevertheless it has triggered serious traffic congestion within the space. Governor of Bangkok Aswin Kwanmuang reported that a defensive wall has been built alongside the river utilizing 10,000 sandbags to maintain the water out.
The flooding scenario can be monitored through
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