Massive LED billboard cluster causes sleepless nights in Thong Lor

Sleepless in Sukhumvit. A massive clump of LED billboards in Bangkok’s Thong Lor district has been such a nuisance to residents across the road, with many complaining they’re losing sleep, that an official grievance filed with native police and the district office might succeed in its elimination.
Thong Lor is thought for its nightlife, with quite a few clubs, pubs, restaurants – and shiny lights. But the 30 metre long, eight metre broad LED billboard, flashing ads for firms including Tyson hen nuggets and Johnnie Walker whisky, has been too bright for residents to handle.
In defiance, residents have resorted to hanging banners with handwritten, anti-billboard messages outside their home windows to protest the sign and block out its obnoxious light. The block of four-story townhouses — house to a Japanese restaurant, a jewelry store and a therapeutic massage parlor at avenue stage — looks like a building under siege, with white cloth banners bearing complaints in black and pink spray paint hung in defiance towards the invasive billboard.
“The LED mild board from a giant firm is installed illegally,” one banner reads. “It causes us to lose sleep!”

Other printed banners depict a household and a cute dog sporting surgical masks as blindfolds to guard their eyes from the blinding gentle throughout the street.
“Did this dog do something wrong?”

What Fill in the blanks wish to know is whether their voice has been heard. In an apparent victory, it appears so. After inspection — and to no one’s shock — it has been confirmed that it’s indeed unlawful to put in a big billboard and not utilizing a license.
Aqua Ad Public, the company behind the LED board, has had to make changes like lowering the panel’s brightness by 80% and turning it off four hours earlier. They may even be fined daily until it’s been fully eliminated by February 7..

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