Russians in Phuket granted 1 month extension to remain

Despite Russia banning Facebook within the country simply 2 days in the past, the Russian Consulate in Phuket has posted on its own Facebook page yesterday to announce that Russian citizens in Phuket can keep a minimal of month longer than the original date on their visa.
To do No sweat , Russian travellers must go to Phuket immigration with their original letter from the consulate, their passport, and a doc confirming the place they’re currently living in Phuket.
This afternoon, the consulate will ship letters to Phuket immigration requesting the official extension.
“Reception will be on a first-come, first-serve foundation.”

Phuket immigration has not made any official announcements about extensions for Russians, or Ukrainians, at this stage. But the consulate’s Facebook publish careworn that the extension for Russians is principally for individuals who are stranded as a result of cancelled flights and the problems for both Russian and Ukranian citizens accessing money, etc right now.
“P.S, Please notice that the issuance of letters is primarily supposed for citizens who’re ‘stuck’ on the island as a result of canceled flights, and whose visa/stamp expires in the coming days”.
The consulate mentioned it’s going to inform Russians about the date of the next reception on this problem.
In December, Russians made up Phuket’s greatest tourist demographic, with over 17,000 travellers arriving that month. Russian travellers have been a major element of Phuket’s tourism since pre-Covid days..

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