Thailand News Today | Thailand begins new crackdown on single-use plastics

A Malaysia Airlines flight from KL to Borneo dipped its nose and dropped all of a sudden, allegedly flying erratically earlier than turning back to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The aircraft in question was an eight 12 months old Boeing 737-800, the same model of aircraft that crashed in southern China last month, killing all 132 passengers and crew.
The incident happened final Sunday but has only now come to gentle after passengers posted their stories on social media, prompting the airline to release a statement. They said the aircraft from KLIA turned again due to “technical issues” after encountering inclement weather alongside the path to the Bornean island of Tawau. The aircraft had reportedly been cruising at an altitude of 9,450 metres, when it took an sudden dive, dropping greater than 2,a hundred meters in a matter of seconds earlier than it was stabilised at 7,315 metres.
Passenger Halimah Nasoha posted about her experience some 30 minutes into the mid-afternoon flight, saying many passengers panicked and screamed and a few were crying as the aircraft lost altitude sharply.
She recounted how she ‘floated’ out of her seat as a end result of her seat belt was unfastened as the seat belt signs have been turned off at that point. The Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) said they’ll be examining the plane’s inner Flight System, however point out the pilots seem to have responded correctly. An aircraft’s system displays and data all flight information profiles. According to CAAM’s Chief government Captain Datuk Chester Voo Chee Soon…
“Preliminary information have shown right responses by the working crew following the problem onboard…. “The aircraft made an air turn-back to Kuala Lumpur International Airport as per the required safety procedures and landed safely at 5.03 pm The pilot in command and co-pilot managed the technical problem safely and returned to Kuala Lumpur for the required maintenance action.”
Malaysia Airlines has submitted a “Mandatory Occurrence Report” relating to flight MH2664 from Kuala Lumpur to Tawau on Sunday. Since the incident, the aviation authority has been working with Malaysia Airlines to make sure they’d addressed all elements of technical security and airworthiness for the Boeing 737-800.
Beginning April 6, all single-use plastics and styrofoam merchandise are banned from getting into nationwide parks in Thailand.
Specifically, single-use plastic objects such as bags, spoons, forks, straws, cups, and containers thinner than 36 microns is not going to be allowed to enter any nationwide park in Thailand. The Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation printed the announcement within the Royal Gazette on Tuesday.
Notably, the announcement didn’t point out plastic water bottles, that are the primary means vacationers carry water into the parks. But you’ll have to depart your Frappuccino to-go cups on the gate. You’d even be well-advised to ditch that 20-baht disposable poncho for a pocketable umbrella, as a substitute.
The ban is being accomplished to protect the wildlife habitats, together with fragile marine ecosystems, from the dangerous results of plastic pollution. Unexplored comes after guests routinely dumped their trash within the parks. Those caught in violation of the ban could be fined as a lot as one hundred,000 baht if convicted.
Plastic pollution is a serious problem in Thailand. One want solely to stroll alongside a seashore to see how a lot plastic trash washes up onshore. Plastic sheets have been discovered covering coral reefs, deer have been found useless, their stomachs stuffed with plastic baggage of meals, and sea turtle carcasses with plastic baggage in their bellies have washed ashore. Of course, tourists typically get the blame for such events. So do your finest to show the locals incorrect and be a law-abiding, nature-loving tourist in the Land of Smiles.
This is not the first time Thailand has waged struggle on disposable plastics. Since the pandemic began two years in the past, big-brand stores throughout the nation have stopped providing plastic luggage and straws. Consumers have noticed the shift at large buying facilities, the grocery store, and even the local 7-Eleven, the place reusable bags are for sale in most places instead of plastic ones. Meanwhile, many smaller shopper keepers throughout the country have maintained their reliance on plastic bags.
Four Thai tourists ignored a purple flag warning on the seaside and went swimming anyway in sturdy waves at Chaweng Beach of Koh Samui in the southern province of Surat Thani on Wednesday. One person drowned, however 4 others survived.
Staff from a jet ski rental business on the seashore reported that one foreigner was additionally saved not lengthy before.
Yesterday, Koh Samui’s mayor, Chayapon Intharasupa, stated he obtained a report of four Thai vacationers who were about to drown at Chawaeng Beach. The rescue team and native jet ski riders managed to bring all of them ashore. Three women and one man had been despatched to a hospital. All of the women had been reportedly in good situation, but the man was in critical condition and didn’t make it.
The news comes after the Thai Meteorological Department this week issued a 24-hour stormy climate warning for Phuket, Krabi, Trang, Satun and Phang Nga, on Tuesday while a big storm entrance blew in from the Andaman Sea. Winds starting from 15 to 30 kilometers an hour and heavy to very heavy rain was predicted to cover about 70 % of the coastal space, as nicely as thunderstorms with waves 2 metres excessive. Red flags have been positioned on beaches throughout the realm and homeowners of smaller vessels have been advised to drag their ships ashore.
The tourists’ family members shared that the group had swum far from the seashore and gotten hit by a strong wave. They tried to swim again to the shore but couldn’t. So they screamed and asked for help from the jet ski riders close by, and the riders went out with a ship to bring them again in.
The staff of a jet ski rental business close by shared with Thai media that many tourists, both Thai and international, had drowned on the seashore from the strong wind and waves, as properly as deep water near the seashore. He stated there are often red flags warnings, however many vacationers ignore them.
In addition to the incident involving the Thais teams, he mentioned there was one other rescue earlier within the day. The victim was a foreigner, but he was fortunate to be saved by a jet ski rider nearby. He stated he additionally warned tourists to not go swimming, but many had ignored his warnings, insisting their swimming skills have been sturdy enough.
——– Police seized a four-month-old tiger cub in a parking lot in the central province of Nonthaburi yesterday.
Three men wished on arrest warrants were arrested on suspicion of possessing and trafficking protected wildlife without permission. All three males confessed to importing the tiger cub from Laos.
The cub was present in a basket inside a Honda pickup truck at Central Westgate Mall car park in Bang Yai district of Nonthaburi province yesterday.
A group selling prohibited wildlife was discovered operating online so the Wildlife Justice Commission (WJC) and the Royal Thai Police joined forces to investigate with help from officials from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation.
The investigative group posed as customers hoping to buy a tiger cub. The smugglers gave them a worth of 400,000 baht and arranged to meet them at Central Westgate Mall car park to make the transaction and hand over the cub, estimated to be 4 months old.
As quickly as police discovered the tiger cub they arrested the boys underneath suspicion of possessing and trafficking prohibited wildlife without permission and took them to Bang Yai Police Station. All three males confessed to smuggling the tiger cub from Laos through a pure border crossing. After that, the tiger was transported with combating chickens to Nonthaburi. The cub will endure DNA checks to additional investigate its origin. ——
A Chon Buri man allegedly beat his spouse after she posted a viral TikTok video of her daughter begging for leftover soup from a road vendor.
The man allegedly punched his spouse and hit her with a spatula, then attempted to rape his neighbor earlier than Chon Buri police arrested him. He reportedly accused his spouse of being unfaithful.
Before the bizarre, violent outburst, the spouse, named Sanit, reportedly received more than 600,000 baht in donations from Thais across the country for the TikTok video she posted of her daughter begging. An official from their village advised The Pattaya News that he is keeping the donation cash Sanit earned as a outcome of he is afraid the husband, Pornprom, will waste it on alcohol.
On Tuesday, Sanit’s face was nonetheless swollen and she had stitches on her head. She mentioned she was getting ready to go to Chonburi Hospital to request a medical certificates to file an assault cost against her husband. She reportedly refuses to reconcile with Pornprom, and needs to maneuver back to her hometown. The neighbor who Pornprom allegedly attempted to rape decided to not file sexual assault charges towards him..

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