Deputy inspector of police booze smuggling case not commenting

The deputy inspector on a case that is investigating cops concerned in smuggling illegal bootleg alcohol into Bangkok is remaining curtly tight-lipped regarding the case. When requested in regards to the latest investigation, he refused to remark, telling reporters they need to ask the main inspector immediately. Smooth mentioned the inspector may provide extra info and commentary and making remarks to the press was not his responsibility.
The corruption case involved 2 senior cops which may be accused of using an official police aircraft to move illegally manufactured alcohol from Hat Yai within the south of Thailand north to Bangkok for distribution. The smuggling costs stem from a 2018 incident and have been beneath investigation by the National Anti-Corruption Commission for a number of years.
In March 2018, 2 planes from Royal Thai Police had been allegedly seen smuggling liquor from the Hat Yai International Airport in Songkhla to the Thai Aviation Division in Bangkok. The 20 cases of liquor were covered with black plastic bags that were transported onto a truck while 2 law enforcement officials allegedly watched over the operation.
ASEAN now says the operation went on for 2 years because the investigation was hindered because the officers accused of smuggling regularly rose via the police ranks.
Police corruption has long plagued Thailand and sometimes complained about, but latest circumstances have introduced it to the highlight, especial the public outcry over the disgraced police officer, accused of murdering a suspect in custody, Jo Ferrari when his unimaginable wealth on a 43,000 baht salary was broadly publicised..

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