Drug suspect claims Thai police assaulted him during questioning

A drug suspect claims Thai police officers assaulted him throughout interrogation as they have been trying to get extra information about different drug sellers. He additionally claims an officer pressured his girlfriend to give oral intercourse when she came to pay bail. The suspect made a criticism with the Anti Corruption Division.
A 45 yr previous suspect and his 19 yr old girlfriend met authorities from the division to report the alleged abuse. The suspect says he was arrested over the weekend in the Isaan province Surin for carrying 20 amphetamine tablets.
He says he was questioned by Surin Provincial Territorial Volunteer Division to questioning. Accessible say he was a small-scale drug dealer and didn’t have much information on those greater up within the operation. When he didn’t give info, officers received bodily, he says.
When his girlfriend went to the station to pay bail, an officer allegedly compelled her to offer him oral intercourse. Reports say she immediately filed a report with the Mueang Surin Police Station.
Officers from the Anti Corruption Division are nonetheless investigating the suspect’s claims..

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