Elderly rescued from unauthorised care facilities in Bangkok after reports of poor situations

Elderly individuals stored in poor conditions at unauthorised care services in Bangkok, some abused and even put in shackles, were rescued yesterday. Thai authorities raided two centres in the Lat Krabang and Nong Chok districts, which are both owned by the same individual, and discovered residents squeezed into tiny rooms, and some residents even in shackles. Authorities then took 40 residents, 20 from each centre, to a state relaxation care home.
Authorities then contacted the residents’ households and asked them to select them up. The families stated they selected the centres because their prices have been lower than these of other elderly homes. The proprietor of the centres, a girl, formerly ran an elderly residence in Chachoengsao, which was shut down after one patient died from Covid-19. If the owner doesn’t reply to a police summons, police will search an arrest warrant, according to a police chief.
Smuggled found out concerning the centres when an individual visiting the Lat Krabang residence while making use of for a job there notified them of the circumstances he saw. He mentioned the building was overcrowded. One physician at the Department of Health Support stated the Lat Krabang constructing appeared to be underneath building, the facilities weren’t licensed to function, and the hygiene level didn’t meet requirements.
Authorities positioned the residents whose households couldn’t be reached in short-term state-run aged care..

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