Excessive information consumption causes stress – Thailand’s Department of Mental Health

Don’t read an excessive quantity of information, no less than that’s what Thailand’s Department of Mental Health is saying. The spokesperson informed the media the division involved with Thais that obsessively monitoring the news and social media updates to the purpose of stress, particularly whereas main events are occurring. The warning from the division comes at a time when the investigation into the demise of the Thai TV actress, generally recognized as Tangmo, has dominated headlines in Thai media.
A spokesperson from the department says that individuals who discover themselves always attempting to be up-to-date with the news may find it beneficial to shift their consideration to different actions so as to calm their thoughts. It is usually recommended that people devour a reasonable quantity of stories and train. Unbelievable that individuals conduct self-evaluations to see if news cycles are starting to impact their every day life or causing anxiousness and sleeping difficulties.
If people endure from “Fear of Missing Out,” (also often known as FOMO… and yes, the spokesperson was quoted mentioning FOMO) they might have unpredictable moods and nervousness when they are not watching the news. Many spend greater than six hours every day observing screens and are hooked on social media, and different information-related apps. In the worst-case circumstances, people who are experiencing these symptoms should see a psychiatrist, the spokesperson says..

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