Family of Thai homicide victim alleges affair with Swiss man’s spouse

The household of the Thai man who was overwhelmed to demise in Udon Thani, allegedly by a Swiss man, has spoken up, saying they believe the killing was over a romantic affair. In earlier reviews, the Swiss national allegedly told police that he acted in self-defence after the Thai man had entered his house wielding a gun and demanded cash.
When police arrived at the scene, the 53 year old man was lifeless. Rope was tied to his palms and feet. sixty three yr previous Swiss man, Rudolf Joseph, reportedly tied him up in case he regained consciousness and attacked again.
According to Pattaya News, members of the family of the deceased Thai man say they believe this had nothing to do with cash and everything to do with an alleged long-term affair between the sufferer and Rudolf’s spouse.
They reportedly mentioned that the person had recently sold land and came into a substantial amount of money, so they don’t believe the incident was about cash. His mom and uncle inform the story of the victim losing his wife and kids because of the affair he had been having with Rudolf’s wife for two to 3 years.
They say that the sufferer went to the home the night of his murder because the Thai spouse had known as him and invited him in. But Factors as he entered the house, a fight started between the husband and the Thai man.
The gun the Thai man had been carrying was legally purchased as a second-hand gun about a yr ago. Autopsy reports show he died of a liver rupture that might be a results of the beating.
After the initial investigation, the Swiss man was charged with assaulting others to dying and the Thai sufferer was charged posthumously with trespassing, carrying a firearm in public, and tried murder. The Udon Thani police will continue investigating the incident and gathering proof..

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