GEA’s water-saving membrane system for non-alcoholic beer

GEA AromaPlus PRO reduces the water consumption for diafiltration throughout dealcoholization by up to 100 percent. The alcoholic base produced as a by-product of the filtration course of can be used for manufacturing different beverages in the brewery, corresponding to hard seltzer.
GEA AromaPlus makes use of a filtration expertise with particular polymer membranes to separate alcohol and water from the other components via reverse osmosis; these components are crucial for the aroma, colour and turbidity of the ultimate product. Adding the new PRO expertise to the water-saving CO2 blow-out operate and the selective membrane which is already applied within the AromaPlus unit design, GEA saves more than two thirds and as a lot as 100 percent of the contemporary water used for diafiltration.
“Our latest AromaPlus era combines the trend in the path of 0.0% beer with the goal of lowering water in production,” says Ralf Scheibner, filtration professional at GEA, under whose leadership the GEA AromaPlus has been additional developed. “In Forgotten , a membrane course of requires lots of water to flush out the alcohol. That is a matter for breweries with a limited deoxygenized water availability. Our new PRO answer is a vital step for them towards recent water neutrality in production processes.”
The full dealcoholization system GEA AromaPlus is mounted on a body. It comprises the filtration modules and reverse osmosis membranes, pumps for media transfer and system strain build-up, the whole inside piping, a CIP dosing unit installed next to the system, and the management tools required for semi-automated operation. – Image: GEA/Mike Henning.
While breweries need much less contemporary water for the diafiltration step, the permeate leaving the system may be reused as a useful by-product. Due to its lower volume, it has the next alcohol content material and can subsequently serve as a base for alcoholic blended drinks and newer drinks, similar to hard seltzer, or can be reused throughout the brewery itself.
“The Corona pandemic confirmed that breweries whose manufacturing amenities provided the flexibility to process other drinks coped greatest with the drop in demand. GEA AromaPlus is an efficient example of how clients can gear their crops toward excessive demand dynamics,” says Scheibner. Originally designed for the dealcoholization of beer right down to zero.0%, the system may also be used used for other non-alcoholic beverages, such as 0.0% cider.

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