Reservoir Center for Water Solutions launches in Washington, DC

The Reservoir Center for Water Solutions, a consortium and collaboration facility that brings collectively leaders and thinkers from throughout the water sector, policy world and past, has formally opened in Washington, DC, USA.
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Water sector leaders, including academia, know-how suppliers, commerce associations and NGOs, are partnering within the new consortium to accelerate solutions to the world’s critical water and sustainability challenges.
Located on the banks of the Anacostia River, the Reservoir Center for Water Solutions will serve as a world collaboration hub to advance breakthrough water solutions and innovations.
The Reservoir Center is designed to strengthen collaboration among the diverse set of stakeholders, from DC and beyond, who work together in the course of fixing global water challenges. The Center’s 33 partners – together with Reservoir sponsor Xylem – will deliver together their sources, information and partnerships to drive progress.
Through innovation programs, education and mentoring, and group outreach, the Reservoir Center aims to create a vibrant hub for concepts and action on challenges like water shortage, resilience and water affordability.
“Establishing the Reservoir Center is a dedication to strengthening collaboration within the water sector, and to strengthening water’s voice beyond it,” stated Patrick Decker, president and CEO of Xylem. “The Center will be a hub for those excited about helping solve the world’s water challenges to come together, deepen relationships, break down obstacles and fast-track options. It’s a place where, collectively, we are able to write the next chapter for water and proceed our work in path of a extra sustainable world.”
Xylem announced earlier this yr that its new headquarters will be co-located with the Reservoir Center for Water Solutions.
Save of the Reservoir Center embody Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies, Alliance for Water Efficiency, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Water Works Association, Anacostia Riverkeeper, Anacostia Watershed Society, Arizona State University’s Kyl Center for Water Policy, Aspen Institute, Association of Clean Water Administrators, Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies, Association of State Drinking Water Administrations, Cleveland Water Alliance, Dig Deep, EarthEcho International, Environmental Policy Innovation Center, Hydraulic Institute, International Water Association, Moonshot Missions, National Association of Clean Water Agencies, National Rural Water Association, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions (Duke University), Rural Community Assistance Partnership, Smart Water Networks Forum, Stimson Center, Stroud Water Research Center, US Water Alliance, United for Infrastructure, WateReuse Association, Water Environment Federation, Water Research Foundation, Water Start, Water for People, World Wildlife Fund and Xylem.

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