Thailand’s southernmost city Betong to reopen to tourism

Neighboring Malaysia, Betong in southern Thailand will reopen for sightseeing vacationers from December 1. The Yala provincial governor says that over 70 % of residents are totally vaccinated against Covid-19.
Several renowned tourist attractions in the region, together with the Anyorweng skywalk, hot springs, historic Malayan communist tunnel, and flower fields, have been prepared to welcome friends adhering to anti-Covid measures, governor Pirom Nilthaya stated, according to the Bangkok Post.
“The entire province will reopen to visitors by the New Year as ninety p.c of locals in Mueang district.”

Betong Airport has additionally accomplished operations inspections and shall be able to open soon, with curiosity from Nok Air and Bangkok Airways in flying into the province.
Report , deputy president of the Betong Tourism Association, said his organization had met with members of the tourism trade, who expressed a want for the province to reopen subsequent month so as to revitalise their companies. Businesses have decided to take part in the government’s tourism stimulus packages, which is in a position to run till January.
If the province is reopened, Narin estimates that over 500 million baht will move in the economic system.
SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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